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What is XEmacs?

XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. It is licensed under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular GNU Emacs. Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an open software development model, similar to Linux. XEmacs runs on Windows 95 and NT, Linux and nearly every other version of Unix in existence. Support for XEmacs was supplied by Sun Microsystems, University of Illinois, Lucid, ETL/Electrotechnical Laboratory, Amdahl Corporation, BeOpen, and others, as well as the unpaid time of a great number of individual developers.

XEmacs Community News


Since the late 1990s, before spam became the problem it is at the moment, we have offered @xemacs.org addresses to participants in the project. Following the infrastructure problems of 2016, these haven't in general been restored—most of them function more as spam traps rather than legitimate email addresses.

Should you have had an @xemacs.org address and should you like to have it restored, get in touch with by sending email to kehoea at the domain parhasard.net.


The XEmacs mailing lists are back up! Our subscriber list wasn't available to restore, unfortunately, so please re-subscribe over HTTP at https://lists.xemacs.org/. The list archives are available at https://list-archive.xemacs.org; a decent proportion of them have been restored, back to 1998 in many cases, but I would be grateful for other archives, my own was incomplete. Contact me by email using kehoea at the domain parhasard.net.


XEmacs had an unfortunate 2016, with our web, mail, and FTP provider becoming unreachable and its maintainers unresponsive early in the year. Happily, Bitbucket.org, our Mercurial hosting provider, remained available throughout. We're glad of the service, thank you Bitbucket!

The web and FTP sites are now (late December 2016) back up, and we should have our lists and mail addresses available again soon.


XEmacs has applied to be a mentoring organization in Google Summer of code. Here's our Ideas Page. Candidates are encouraged to contact us at any time. Earlier is better, because community-building is an explicit goal of the Summer of Code. Active participation in XEmacs development is a more important criterion than your current skill set!


We've moved the XEmacs source code (and the source code of the packages and the website) to Bitbucket. See this page for details.


XEmacs joins the 21st century with a new issue tracker. The User Guide is available online.


Thank you, http://centurionhosting.net/, for joining the happy flock of XEmacs website mirrors with theirs, serving the Czech Republic!


FKtPp and his friend have set up an XEmacs FTP Site mirror at ftp://ftp.cn.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/. XEmacs users in China now have a "local" mirror to download from! Thank you, FKtPp!


digimirror of the Netherlands have created mirrors of the XEmacs Website at http://xemacs.digimirror.nl/ and the XEmacs FTP Site (HTTP access only!) at http://xemacsftp.digimirror.nl/. Thanks a lot!


Max Bear adds a website mirror, http://xemacs.site2nd.org/, in Texas, USA, and might followup with a ftp site mirror as well. Thank you!

is.xemacs.org is taking some time off, but will return before long.

We now have a functional primary FTP mirror in the US again (http://ftp.us.xemacs.org/pub/mirrors/xemacs/). We're grateful to www.ibiblio.org, a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for filling the gap.

We have a functional primary FTP mirror in the UK again (http://ftp.uk.xemacs.org/sites/ftp.xemacs.org/pub/xemacs/). Thanks to the University of Kent UKMIRROR service (http://www.mirrorservice.org/).

FTP mirrors ftp.pl.xemacs.org and sunsite.sut.ac.jp have not been functional for a while and have now been removed.

Website Mirrors

As a common saying goes: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

XEmacs Website Mirrors exist on following continents. Pick the continent where your internet service provider resides, which is not always the continent you may sit on. This is most likely to matter when you work for an international company with no local internet connection.

America . Asia . Australia . Europe

Current XEmacs Core Releases

Problem reports and requests for enhancement may be filed at the new XEmacs issue tracking system.

XEmacs 21.4 has been promoted to stable, and the XEmacs 21.1 series has been retired. For those with classic taste, these historical releases are still available. We will continue to support, at a lower level, 21.1 users. See the announcement of 21.4.12 for details.

Stable branch:
Beta branch:

Current XEmacs Package Releases

See the Quickstart Package Guide for information about the XEmacs package system. It is a feature differentiating XEmacs from GNU Emacs by allowing us to deploy bug fixes and enhancements of our lisp packages on a separate, usually faster, schedule than core XEmacs releases.

Official Release:

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