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Function Index: N – W

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Index Entry Section

nbutlast10.1 List Functions
nintersection10.3 Lists as Sets
notany9.2 Mapping over Sequences
notevery9.2 Mapping over Sequences
nset-difference10.3 Lists as Sets
nset-exclusive-or10.3 Lists as Sets
nsublis10.2 Substitution of Expressions
nsubst10.2 Substitution of Expressions
nsubst-if10.2 Substitution of Expressions
nsubst-if-not10.2 Substitution of Expressions
nsubstitute9.3 Sequence Functions
nsubstitute-if9.3 Sequence Functions
nsubstitute-if-not9.3 Sequence Functions
nunion10.3 Lists as Sets

oddp8.1 Predicates on Numbers

pairlis10.4 Association Lists
plusp8.1 Predicates on Numbers
pop4.2.2 Modify Macros
position9.4 Searching Sequences
position-if9.4 Searching Sequences
position-if-not9.4 Searching Sequences
proclaim6. Declarations
progv4.3.1 Dynamic Bindings
psetf4.2.2 Modify Macros
psetq4.1 Assignment
push4.2.2 Modify Macros
pushnew4.2.2 Modify Macros

random*8.3 Random Numbers
random-state-p8.3 Random Numbers
rassoc10.4 Association Lists
rassoc*10.4 Association Lists
rassoc-if10.4 Association Lists
rassoc-if-not10.4 Association Lists
reduce9.2 Mapping over Sequences
rem*8.2 Numerical Functions
remf7.1 Property Lists
remove9.3 Sequence Functions
remove*9.3 Sequence Functions
remove-duplicates9.3 Sequence Functions
remove-if9.3 Sequence Functions
remove-if-not9.3 Sequence Functions
remq9.3 Sequence Functions
replace9.3 Sequence Functions
rest10.1 List Functions
return4.5 Blocks and Exits
return-from4.5 Blocks and Exits
rotatef4.2.2 Modify Macros
round*8.2 Numerical Functions

search9.4 Searching Sequences
set-difference10.3 Lists as Sets
set-exclusive-or10.3 Lists as Sets
setf4.2.1 Basic Setf
shiftf4.2.2 Modify Macros
some9.2 Mapping over Sequences
sort*9.5 Sorting Sequences
stable-sort9.5 Sorting Sequences
sublis10.2 Substitution of Expressions
subseq9.3 Sequence Functions
subsetp10.3 Lists as Sets
subst10.2 Substitution of Expressions
subst-if10.2 Substitution of Expressions
subst-if-not10.2 Substitution of Expressions
substitute9.3 Sequence Functions
substitute-if9.3 Sequence Functions
substitute-if-not9.3 Sequence Functions
symbol-macrolet4.3.4 Macro Bindings

tailp10.3 Lists as Sets
the6. Declarations
tree-equal10.1 List Functions
truncate*8.2 Numerical Functions
typecase4.4 Conditionals
typep3.1 Type Predicates

union10.3 Lists as Sets
unless4.4 Conditionals

when4.4 Conditionals

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