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Extending Emacs using C Modules

This Info file contains v1.0 of the XEmacs dynamically loadable module support documentation.

1. Introduction  Introducing Emacs Modules
2. Anatomy of a Module  Basic module layout and technology
3. Using ellcc  How to use the module compiler
4. Adding Modules to the XEmacs Distribution  Adding your module to the distribution
5. Defining Functions  Creating new Lisp primitives
6. Defining Variables  Creating new Lisp variables
Index  Concept Index
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Anatomy of a Module
2.1 Required Header File  Always include <emodules.h>
2.2 Required Functions  Functions you must always provide
2.3 Required Variables  Variables whose values you must provide
2.4 Loading other Modules  How to load dependent modules
Using ellcc
3.1 Compile Mode  Compiling modules using ellcc
3.2 Initialization Mode  Generating documentation and variables
3.3 Link Mode  Creating the final loadable module
3.4 Other ellcc options  Other useful options
3.5 Environment Variables  How to control ellcc
Defining Functions
5.1 Using DEFUN  Using the DEFUN macro to define functions
5.2 Declaring Functions  Declaring functions to the Lisp reader

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