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"Core Functionality" is defined as the parts of the BBDB used to implement basic record creation (`M-x bbdb-create') and searching (`M-x bbdb').


This documentation can be accessed by typing C-h f bbdb-initialize RET.


If you are using GNUS (not Gnus), and if your GNUS version is 3.14 or older, use the Gnus (note the capitalization) symbol.


For the VM initialization to work properly, you must either call bbdb-initialize with the vm symbol from within your VM initialization file (`~/.vm'), or you must call bbdb-insinuate-vm manually from within your VM initialization file.


While it is possible to put a multi-character mark in bbdb-message-marker-field and/or in bbdb/gnus-summary-known-poster-mark, the resulting summary buffer will be misaligned as a result. This misalignment will result from fact that at this time the character used to indicate posts whose authors are not in the BBDB is always a single character, and cannot be changed.


bbdb-snarf is actually a wrapper for bbdb-snarf-region that determines the relevant region and passes it on.


Use the full path to bbdb-srv.pl if it is not in the default path.

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