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5. Build XEmacs From CVS

The CVS commands to fetch XEmacs source code are run through the XEmacs compile command (@xref{Compilation, , , xemacs}).

The buffers are named uniquely with the current working directory appropriately set to save the buffers with C-x C-w (M-x write-file) under the XEmacs source directory.

First you have to login to the XEmacs CVS server.

Please do so by pressing following button.

[CVS Login XEmacs]

If that fails, please send the message generated in the *Warnings* buffer to XEmacs CVS Administrator.

After pressing the

[CVS Checkout XEmacs]

button (unless you have checked out before) and either one of

[CVS Update XEmacs To Release]

(as specified with

[Browse Build CVS Options ...]

) or

[CVS Update XEmacs To Latest]

(resetting all @xref{Sticky tags, , , cvs}) you are ready to proceed with

[Build XEmacs Now ...]

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