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Command and Function Index: E -- V

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electric-backspace (c-)4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace
electric-brace (c-)4.1.1 Hanging Braces
electric-continued-statement (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
electric-delete (c-)4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace
electric-delete-forward (c-)4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace
electric-lt-gt (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
electric-paren (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
electric-pound (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
electric-slash (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
electric-star (c-)4.1.4 Other Electric Commands
end-of-defun8.2 Movement Commands
end-of-defun (c-)8.2 Movement Commands
end-of-statement (c-)8.2 Movement Commands

fill-paragraph (c-)5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
filladapt-mode5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
forward-conditional (c-)8.2 Movement Commands
forward-into-nomenclature (c-)8.2 Movement Commands

hungry-backspace (c-)4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace
hungry-delete-forward (c-)4.2 Hungry-deletion of Whitespace

idl-mode1. Introduction
indent-command (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-defun (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-exp (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-for-comment8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-multi-line-block (c-)11. Indentation Functions
indent-new-comment-line (c-)5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
indent-one-line-block (c-)11. Indentation Functions
indent-region8.1 Indentation Commands

java-mode1. Introduction

lineup-argcont (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-arglist (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-arglist-close-under-paren (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-arglist-intro-after-paren (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-arglist-operators (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-C-comments (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-cascaded-calls (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-close-paren (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-comment (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-cpp-define (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-dont-change (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-gcc-asm-reg (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-inexpr-block (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-java-inher (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-java-throws (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-knr-region-comment (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-math (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-multi-inher (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-ObjC-method-args (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-ObjC-method-args-2 (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-ObjC-method-call (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-runin-statements (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-streamop (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-string-cont (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-template-args (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-topmost-intro-cont (c-)11. Indentation Functions
lineup-whitesmith-in-block (c-)11. Indentation Functions

mark-function (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands

objc-mode1. Introduction

pike-mode1. Introduction

scope-operator (c-)8.3 Other Commands
semi&comma-inside-parenlist (c-)9.5.3 Customizing Semicolons and Commas
semi&comma-no-newlines-before-nonblanks (c-)9.5.3 Customizing Semicolons and Commas
semi&comma-no-newlines-for-oneline-inliners (c-)9.5.3 Customizing Semicolons and Commas
set-offset (c-)9.1 Interactive Customization
set-style (c-)9.4.2 Choosing a Style
setup-doc-comment-style (c-)7.3 Documentation Comments
setup-filladapt (c-)5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
setup-paragraph-variables (c-)5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
show-syntactic-information (c-)3.1 Syntactic Analysis
snug-do-while (c-)9.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging
submit-bug-report (c-)C. Mailing Lists and Submitting Bug Reports

tab-to-tab-stop8.1 Indentation Commands
toggle-auto-hungry-state (c-)4. Minor Modes
toggle-auto-state (c-)4. Minor Modes
toggle-hungry-state (c-)4. Minor Modes

up-conditional (c-)8.2 Movement Commands
up-conditional-with-else (c-)8.2 Movement Commands

version (c-)2. Getting Connected

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