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Index Entry Section

hanging-braces-alist (c-)4.1.1 Hanging Braces
hanging-braces-alist (c-)9.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging
hanging-colons-alist (c-)4.1.2 Hanging Colons
hanging-colons-alist (c-)9.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging
hanging-semi&comma-criteria (c-)9.5.3 Customizing Semicolons and Commas

idl-font-lock-extra-types7.1 Font Locking Preliminaries
idl-mode-hook9.3 Hooks
ignore-auto-fill (c-)5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
indent-comment-alist (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-comments-syntactically-p (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
indent-tabs-mode8.1 Indentation Commands
indentation-style (c-)9.4.2 Choosing a Style
initialization-hook (c-)9.3 Hooks
insert-tab-function (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands
invalid-face (c-)7.2 Faces

Java-defun-prompt-regexp (c-)14. Performance Issues
java-font-lock-extra-types7.1 Font Locking Preliminaries
java-mode-hook9.3 Hooks

label-minimum-indentation (c-)9.5.4 Other Special Indentations

mode-common-hook (c-)9.3 Hooks

objc-font-lock-extra-types7.1 Font Locking Preliminaries
objc-mode-hook9.3 Hooks
offsets-alist (c-)9. Customizing Indentation
offsets-alist (c-)10. Syntactic Symbols
old-style-variable-behavior (c-)9.4 Styles

paragraph-ignore-fill-prefix5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
paragraph-separate5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
paragraph-start5. Text Filling and Line Breaking
pike-font-lock-extra-types7.1 Font Locking Preliminaries
pike-mode-hook9.3 Hooks
progress-interval (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands

report-syntactic-errors (c-)13. Odds and Ends
require-final-newline (c-)13. Odds and Ends

signal-error-on-buffer-boundary15. Limitations and Known Bugs
special-indent-hook (c-)9.5.4 Other Special Indentations
strict-syntax-p (c-)9. Customizing Indentation
style9.4.3 Adding and Amending Styles
style-alist (c-)9.4.3 Adding and Amending Styles
style-variables-are-local-p (c-)9.2 Permanent Customization
syntactic-context (c-)9.5.2 Custom Brace and Colon Hanging
syntactic-indentation (c-)3. Indentation Engine
syntactic-indentation-in-macros (c-)6. Macro Handling

tab-always-indent (c-)8.1 Indentation Commands

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