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38. Floating Toolbar

The command floating-toolbar pops up a small frame containing a toolbar. The command should be bound to a button-press event. If the mouse press happens over an extent that has a non-nil 'floating-toolbar property, the value of that property is the toolbar instantiator that will be displayed. Otherwise the toolbar displayed is taken from the variable floating-toolbar. This variable can be made buffer local to produce buffer local floating toolbars.

floating-toolbar-or-popup-mode-menu works like floating-toolbar except that if no toolbar is found, popup-mode-menu is called.

floating-toolbar-from-extent-or-popup-mode-menu works like floating-toolbar-or-popup-mode-menu except only extent local toolbars are used; the value of floating-toolbar is not used.

Add the following line to your initialization file:

  (require 'floating-toolbar)

You will also need to bind a mouse click to floating-toolbar or to floating-toolbar-or-popup-mode-menu.

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