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6. Permanent Buffers

A permanent buffer is a buffer that you don't want to kill, mainly used for testing or temporary stuff. The *scratch* buffer is the most famous example of what could be a permanent buffer. This package allows you to define several permanent buffers (the scratch buffer can be one of them) that will never disappear. If you kill them or save their contents, they will be regenerated. You can also specify a set of lisp forms to eval in the buffer when it is (re)generated.

This package is implemented in a minor-mode fashion. You can customize the default value of permanent-buffers-mode or use turn-on-permanent-buffers at startup. Within an XEmacs session, use permanent-buffers-mode or turn-o[n|ff]-permanent-buffers. You might also want to customize permanent-buffers-alist.

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET permanent-buffers RET

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