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7. Self-Resizing Minibuffer

This package allows the entire contents (or as much as possible) of the minibuffer to be visible at once when typing. As the end of a line is reached, the minibuffer will resize itself. When the user is done typing, the minibuffer will return to its original size.

In window systems where it is possible to have a frame in which the minibuffer is the only window, the frame itself can be resized.

Note that the minibuffer and echo area are not the same! They simply happen to occupy roughly the same place on the frame. Messages put in the echo area will not cause any resizing by this package.

This package is considered a minor mode but it doesn't put anything in minor-mode-alist because this mode is specific to the minibuffer, which has no modeline.

To invoke this mode, type:

  M-x resize-minibuffer-mode RET

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET resize-minibuffer RET

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