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Elib - The Emacs Lisp Library

This manual describes Elib, the GNU emacs lisp library version 1.0. The functions and data types in Elib are supposed to be a common base for all kinds of other elisp packages and are not programs, modes or packages of their own.

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  Information about terms for copying Elib.
1. What is Elib?  
2. Container Data Types  Data types which can contain other data.
3. The Cookie package--nodal data in a buffer  The Cookie package.
4. String functions  A number of string functions.
5. Read functions  Read data from the minibuffer.
6. Future enhancements  Future enhancements of Elib.
7. Reporting bugs  Where do you report a bug you have found?
Node index  Index over important all the nodes in this manual.

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