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Emacs MIME Manual

This manual documents the libraries used to compose and display MIME messages.

This manual is directed at users who want to modify the behavior of the MIME encoding/decoding process or want a more detailed picture of how the Emacs MIME library works, and people who want to write functions and commands that manipulate MIME elements.

MIME is short for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. This standard is documented in a number of RFCs; mainly RFC2045 (Format of Internet Message Bodies), RFC2046 (Media Types), RFC2047 (Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text), RFC2048 (Registration Procedures), RFC2049 (Conformance Criteria and Examples). It is highly recommended that anyone who intends writing MIME-compliant software read at least RFC2045 and RFC2047.

1. Decoding and Viewing  A framework for decoding and viewing.
2. Composing  MML; a language for describing MIME parts.
3. Interface Functions  An abstraction over the basic functions.
4. Basic Functions  Utility and basic parsing functions.
5. Standards  A summary of RFCs and working documents used.
6. Index  Function and variable index.

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