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5. Keys Used in ERC

This is a summary of keystrokes available in every ERC buffer.

C-a or <home> (`erc-bol')
Go to beginning of line or end of prompt.

RET (`erc-send-current-line')
Send the current line

TAB (`erc-complete-word')
If at prompt, complete the current word. Otherwise, move to the next link or button.

M-TAB (`ispell-complete-word')
Complete the given word, using ispell.

C-c C-a (`erc-bol')
Go to beginning of line or end of prompt.

C-c C-b (`erc-iswitchb')
Use `iswitchb-read-buffer' to prompt for a ERC buffer to switch to.

C-c C-c (`erc-toggle-interpret-controls')
Toggle interpretation of control sequences in messages.

C-c C-d (`erc-input-action')
Interactively input a user action and send it to IRC.

C-c C-e (`erc-toggle-ctcp-autoresponse')
Toggle automatic CTCP replies (like VERSION and PING).

C-c C-f (`erc-toggle-flood-control')
Toggle use of flood control on sent messages.

C-c TAB (`erc-invite-only-mode')
Turn on the invite only mode (+i) for the current channel.

C-c C-j (`erc-join-channel')
Join channel. If point is at the beginning of a channel name, use that as default.

C-c C-k (`erc-go-to-log-matches-buffer')
Interactively open an erc-log-matches buffer

C-c C-l (`erc-save-buffer-in-logs')
Append buffer contents to the log file, if logging is enabled.

C-c C-n (`erc-channel-names')
Run "/names #channel" in the current channel.

C-c C-o (`erc-get-channel-mode-from-keypress')
Read a key sequence and call the corresponding channel mode function. After doing C-c C-o type in a channel mode letter.

C-g means quit. RET let's you type more than one mode at a time. If "l" is pressed, `erc-set-channel-limit' gets called. If "k" is pressed, `erc-set-channel-key' gets called. Anything else will be sent to `erc-toggle-channel-mode'.

C-c C-p (`erc-part-from-channel')
Part from the current channel and prompt for a reason.

C-c C-q (`erc-quit-server')
Disconnect from current server after prompting for reason.

C-c C-r (`erc-remove-text-properties-region')
Clears the region (start,end) in object from all colors, etc.

C-c C-t (`erc-set-topic')
Prompt for a topic for the current channel.

C-c C-u (`erc-kill-input')
Kill current input line using `erc-bol' followed by `kill-line'.

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