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Keeping Track

This manual documents GNATS, the GNU Problem Report Management System, version 3.101. GNATS is a bug-tracking tool designed for use at a central Support Site. Users who experience problems use electronic mail to communicate these problems to maintainers at that Support Site. GNATS partially automates the tracking of these Problem Reports (PRs) by:

GNATS offers many of the same features offered by more generalized databases, including editing, querying, and basic reporting. The GNATS database itself is an ordered repository for problem reports; each PR receives a unique, incremental PR number which identifies it throughout its lifetime. For a discussion on the working system adopted by GNATS, see The database paradigm.

You can access the submitting, editing, and querying functions of GNATS from within GNU Emacs. See section Invoking the GNATS tools.

1. Introducing GNATS  
2. Invoking the GNATS tools  
3. GNATS Administration  
A. Installing GNATS  
B. Where GNATS lives  
C. Querying using regular expressions  

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