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3. Distribution

The name of the distribution file is `hm--html-menus-<version>.tar.gz', where <version> is the version number. The package is part of the XEmacs. You should always find the latest version of the package on the following ftp server:
ftp.tnt.uni-hannover.de in `/pub/editors/xemacs/contrib'
You should also find the package in the USA on the ftp server (which is mirrored on many other servers in the world):
sunsite.unc.edu in `/pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs'
3.1 Contents  Contents of the distribution

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3.1 Contents

The package consists of the following files:

Please, read this first.
Some special hints only for GNU Emacs 19 users.
Text of the announcement of this package.
Entry for the Linux Software Map.
The NEWS and Change log file.
Provides (emulates XEmacs) functions for the use of this package with GNU Emacs 19.
An xbm file with the drag and drop mouse pointer in the XEmacs.
An xbm file with the mask for the drag and drop mouse pointer in the XEmacs.
Provides functions to write html pages. It defines all commands which insert html elements and entities.
Provides the lisp code for the indentation.
Defines the key bindings.
Provides the menus.
Provides the functions for the definition of the hm--html-mode and the hm--html-minor-mode. This is the main file of the package.
Provides functions to insert some non standard html elements. This file is not evaluated by default and it may be a bad idea to use it.
Configuration file for the html mode. All the user variables are defined in this file.
Defines the HTML-specific functions for the drag and drop interface.
Defines the function hm--date, which returns the date in the format "day-month-year" like "30-Jun-1993".
Ron Tapia's html-view.el to view html pages in Mosaic. It is patched for use with XEmacs.
Provides the general (html-mode independent) functions of the drag and drop interface.
Describes the syntax of the templates provided in the file `tmpl-minor-mode.el'
Provides functions for the tmpl-minor-mode. With this mode you can expand templates, which are described in the file `templates-syntax.doc' (look at the files `command-description.html.tmpl' and `frame.html.tmpl' for examples). Templates can be expanded automatically, if you include a file with templates via the html pulldown menu item "Templates ..." or with the item "Templates (fixed dirs)...".
Template file for the use with the tmpl-minor-mode.
Template file, provides a simple frame.
Package documentation in the Texinfo format.
Texinfo include file for German vowel mutation (deutsche Umlaute).

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