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7. Use With Other Major Modes

The package provides a minor mode called hm--html-minor-mode, which could be used to join the features of this package with other HTML packages or use it's features in other major edit modes. This is useful, if you'd like to extend another HTML mode or if you'll write program code, which contain HTML parts.

Currently this is tested with the psgml-html mode, the perl-mode and the java-mode. Please let me know if it works or not with other packages.

If you'd like to use the minor mode in psgml-html mode, put the following line in your `.emacs':

     (add-hook 'html-mode-hook 'hm--html-minor-mode)   

Note: This should work only in XEmacs versions greater than 19.14 and not in 20.0. It doesn't work in other versions because the hook variable html-mode-hook doesn't exist in those versions. Therefore in those versions you must either call the minor mode by hand or change the lisp file of the psgml-html mode.

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