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Table of Contents

1. License
2. Overview
3. Distribution
3.1 Contents
4. Installation
5. Customization
5.1 Customization (Configuration) Files
5.1.1 Where Are All The Customization Variables Defined
5.1.2 Where To Put Site Specific Customization
5.1.3 Where To Put User Specific Customization
5.2 Customization Variables
5.2.1 User Name/Signature
5.2.2 Switching Between Expert And Novice Menus
5.2.3 HTML Doctype
5.2.4 Defaults Used For Generating Links Your Favourite HTTP Server Links to WWW Server Links To Files Links To FTP Servers Links To Emacs Info Files Links To Gopher Servers Links To WAIS Gateways Links To The Mail Gateway Links For Sending Mail Links to CGI scripts Links To The Program Gateway Links To The Local Program Gateway URL For Forms And Image Tags Marking Of Examples
5.2.5 Templates
5.2.6 Deleting Automounter Path Prefix
5.2.7 Automatic Insert Of Information
5.2.8 Latin 1 Characters
5.2.9 Drag And Drop
5.2.10 Font Lock Keywords
5.2.11 Prefix Keys
5.2.12 Pulldown Menu Names
5.2.13 Hook Variables
5.2.14 Previewing HTML Files
5.2.15 Meta Element
5.2.16 Indentation
6. Add New Elements
7. Use With Other Major Modes
8. Internal Drag And Drop
8.1 Drag And Drop Customization
8.1.1 Defining The Drag And Drop Actions
8.1.2 The Mouse Bindings
8.1.3 The Drag And Drop Mouse Pointer
8.2 The Drag And Drop Commands
8.2.1 Performing The Drag And Drop Action
8.2.2 Displaying Help On Drag And Drop
9. Template Minor Mode
9.1 What Are Templates
9.2 Syntax Of Templates
9.3 Template Customization
9.4 Template Commands
9.4.1 Insert Of Template Files
9.4.2 Expansion Of Templates
9.4.3 Escaping Of Template Signs
9.4.4 The Template Minor Mode
10. Hints For Emacs 19 Users
11. Bug Reports
Concept Index
Function Index
Variable Index

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