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Feature overview1. Introduction
Filling4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
Flags, in routine info4.2 Routine Info
Font lock4.1.5 Syntax Highlighting
Forcing class query.4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
Foreign code, adapting4.1.1 Code Indentation
Foreign code, adapting4.9 Actions
Formatting, of code4.1 Code Formatting
Frame, for shell buffer5.1 Starting the Shell
FTP site6.1 Installing IDLWAVE
`Func-menu', XEmacs package4.11 Motion Commands
Function definitions, jumping to4.11 Motion Commands
Function name completion4.4 Completion

`get_html_rinfo'A.5 Documentation Scan
Getting Started3. Getting Started (Tutorial)

Hanging paragraphs4.1.3 Comment Indentation
Hanging paragraphs4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
Header, for file documentation4.10 Documentation Header
Help using HTML manuals4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
Help using routine source4.3.2 Help with Source
HELP, on expressions5.5 Examining Variables
Highlighting of syntax4.1.5 Syntax Highlighting
Highlighting of syntax, Octals4.1.6 Octals and Highlighting
Homepage for IDLWAVE6.1 Installing IDLWAVE
Hooks4.12 Miscellaneous Options
Hooks5.1 Starting the Shell
HTML Help4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation

IDL library routine infoA.3.2 User Catalog
IDL manual, HTML version4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
IDL variable !DIR4.2 Routine Info
IDL variable !DIRA.3.2 User Catalog
IDL variable !DIRA.4 Load-Path Shadows
IDL variable !PATH4.2 Routine Info
IDL variable !PATHA.1 Routine Definitions
IDL, as Emacs subprocess5. The IDLWAVE Shell
`idl-shell.el'1. Introduction
`idl.el'1. Introduction
IDL> Prompt5.1 Starting the Shell
`idlw-help.el'4.3 Online Help
`idlw-help.txt'4.3 Online Help
`idlw-rinfo.el'A.5 Documentation Scan
IDLWAVE in a Nutshell2. IDLWAVE in a Nutshell
IDLWAVE major mode4. The IDLWAVE Major Mode
IDLWAVE shell5. The IDLWAVE Shell
IDLWAVE, homepage6.1 Installing IDLWAVE
idlwave-abbrev-change-case4.9.3 Case Changes
idlwave-abbrev-move4.8 Abbreviations
idlwave-abbrev-start-char4.8 Abbreviations
idlwave-auto-fill-split-string4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-auto-routine-info-updatesA.2 Routine Information Sources
idlwave-auto-write-pathA.3 Catalogs
idlwave-begin-line-comment4.1.3 Comment Indentation
idlwave-block-indent4.1.1 Code Indentation
idlwave-class-arrow-face4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-code-comment4.1.3 Comment Indentation
idlwave-complete-empty-string-as-lower-case4.4.1 Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-case4.4.1 Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-fontify-classes4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-completion-force-default-case4.4.1 Case of Completed Words
idlwave-completion-restore-window-configuration4.4 Completion
idlwave-completion-show-classes4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-config-directoryA.3 Catalogs
idlwave-continuation-indent4.1.2 Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-default-font-lock-items4.1.5 Syntax Highlighting
idlwave-do-actions4.9 Actions
idlwave-doc-modifications-keyword4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-doclib-end4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-doclib-start4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-end-offset4.1.1 Code Indentation
idlwave-expand-generic-end4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
idlwave-extra-help-function4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-file-header4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-fill-comment-line-only4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-function-completion-adds-paren4.4 Completion
idlwave-hang-indent-regexp4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-hanging-indent4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-header-to-beginning-of-file4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-help-application4.12 Miscellaneous Options
idlwave-help-browser-function4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-browser-is-local4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-doclib-keyword4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-doclib-name4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-fontify-source-code4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-frame-parameters4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-link-face4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-help-source-try-header4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-use-dedicated-frame4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-help-use-hh4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-highlight-help-links-in-completion4.4 Completion
idlwave-html-help-location4.3.1 Help with HTML Documentation
idlwave-indent-to-open-paren4.1.2 Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-init-rinfo-when-idle-afterA.2 Routine Information Sources
idlwave-keyword-class-inheritance4.4.4 Class and Keyword Inheritance
idlwave-keyword-completion-adds-equal4.4 Completion
idlwave-library-pathA.3 Catalogs
idlwave-load-hook4.12 Miscellaneous Options
idlwave-main-block-indent4.1.1 Code Indentation
idlwave-max-extra-continuation-indent4.1.2 Continued Statement Indentation
idlwave-max-popup-menu-items4.3.2 Help with Source
idlwave-mode-hook4.12 Miscellaneous Options
idlwave-no-change-comment4.1.3 Comment Indentation
idlwave-pad-keyword4.9.2 Padding Operators
idlwave-query-class4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-query-shell-for-routine-infoA.2 Routine Information Sources
idlwave-reindent-end4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
idlwave-reserved-word-upcase4.9.3 Case Changes
idlwave-resize-routine-help-window4.2 Routine Info
idlwave-rinfo-max-source-lines4.2 Routine Info
idlwave-scan-all-buffers-for-routine-infoA.2 Routine Information Sources
idlwave-shell-activate-prefix-keybindings5.4.2 Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-arrows-do-history5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-automatic-electric-debug5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-automatic-start5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-breakpoint-face5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-comint-settings5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-command-history-file5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-command-line-options5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-debug-modifiers5.4.2 Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-electric-zap-to-file5.4.6 Electric Debug Mode
idlwave-shell-examine-alist5.6 Custom Expression Examination
idlwave-shell-explicit-file-name5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-expression-face5.5 Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-file-name-chars5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-frame-parameters5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-graphics-window-size5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-initial-commands5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-input-mode-spells5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-mark-breakpoints5.4.3 Breakpoints and Stepping
idlwave-shell-mark-stop-line5.4.4 Compiling Programs
idlwave-shell-mode-hook5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-output-face5.5 Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-overlay-arrow5.4.4 Compiling Programs
idlwave-shell-prefix-key5.4.2 Debug Key Bindings
idlwave-shell-process-name5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-prompt-pattern5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-raise-frame5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-save-command-history5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-separate-examine-output5.5 Examining Variables
idlwave-shell-show-commands5.3 Commands Sent to the Shell
idlwave-shell-stop-line-face5.4.4 Compiling Programs
idlwave-shell-temp-pro-prefix5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-dedicated-frame5.1 Starting the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-input-mode-magic5.2 Using the Shell
idlwave-shell-use-toolbar5.4 Debugging IDL Programs
idlwave-show-block4.9.1 Block Boundary Check
idlwave-special-lib-alist4.2 Routine Info
idlwave-special-lib-alistA.3.2 User Catalog
idlwave-split-line-string4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-startup-message4.12 Miscellaneous Options
idlwave-store-inquired-class4.4.2 Object Method Completion and Class Ambiguity
idlwave-support-inheritance4.4.4 Class and Keyword Inheritance
idlwave-surround-by-blank4.9.2 Padding Operators
idlwave-system-directoryA.3 Catalogs
idlwave-timestamp-hook4.10 Documentation Header
idlwave-use-last-hang-indent4.1.4 Continuation Lines and Filling
idlwave-use-library-catalogsA.3.1 Library Catalogs
idlwave_catalogA.3.1 Library Catalogs
`Imenu', Emacs package4.11 Motion Commands
Indentation4.1.1 Code Indentation
Indentation, continued statement4.1.2 Continued Statement Indentation
Indentation, of foreign code4.1.1 Code Indentation
Inheritance, class4.4.4 Class and Keyword Inheritance
Inheritance, keyword4.4.4 Class and Keyword Inheritance
Input mode5.2 Using the Shell
Inserting keywords, from routine info4.2 Routine Info
Installation6. Installation
Installing online help4.3 Online Help
Installing online help6.2 Installing Online Help
Interactive Data Language1. Introduction
Interface Definition Language1. Introduction
Interview, with the maintainerC. Configuration Examples
Introduction1. Introduction

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