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The ILISP Inferior Lisp Interface

This Info file documents ILISP, a GNU Emacs interface for a Lisp running in a buffer.

How to get the latest ILISP distribution.  
Introduction  An introduction to ILISP and its features.
1. How to install ILISP  
2. How to run a Lisp process using ILISP  
3. A word about the keys used by ILISP  
4. Buffers used by ILISP, and their commands  
5. ILISP Commands  
6. ILISP Customization  Description of ILISP variables and hooks.
7. Dialects  How ILISP knows how to communicate with Lisp, and how to define new dialects.
Concept Index  General concepts.
Key Index  ILISP key sequences.
Command Index  Commands by name.
Variable Index  Variables and hooks that influence ILISP's behavior.
Function Index  Internal Emacs Lisp functions.

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