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Recent ISO 8859 character encoding standards.

This package provides several recent character encodings that have been standardized by ISO, the international organization for standardization, together with the associated Mule character sets and coding systems.

It is intended to be used by the Mule-UCS (see section `Top' in Mule-UCS User Manual) and Latin Unity (see section `Top' in Latin Unity for Emacsen) packages, and was, indeed, refactored out from the latter.

Each file provides a language environment named, e.g. `Latin-7', a coding system named `iso-8859-13' (etc.) and a Mule character set named `latin-iso8859-13' (again, etc.).

1. latin-euro-standards Copying Conditions  latin-euro-standards copying conditions.
2. Standards  Details of the relevant ISO character encodings.

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