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Mailcrypt: An EMACS Interface to PGP

Mailcrypt is an Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple but powerful interface to cryptographic functions for mail and news.

This documentation describes Mailcrypt version 3.5.8. The documentation was last updated on August 29, 1998.

1. Introduction  Read this first.
2. General Use  Everyday cryptographic functions.
3. Remailer Support  Interface to secure anonymous remailers.
4. Passphrase Cache  Letting Mailcrypt remember your passphrase for a while.
5. Key Fetching  Automatically retrieving public keys via finger or HTTP.
6. Miscellaneous Configuration  Random tweakables.
7. Tips  Hints and tricks.
8. Limitations  Things Mailcrypt does not do.
9. References  Pointers to relevant information.
10. Credits  Whom to blame.
Index  Keys, variables, and functions.
-- The Detailed Node Listing ---
1.1 Prerequisites  Complicated stuff you may have to do.
1.2 Installation  Simple stuff you probably have to do.
1.3 Command Overview  A brief summary of the most common commands.
1.2.1 Hooking into Rmail  
1.2.2 Hooking into VM  
1.2.3 Hooking into MH-E  
1.2.4 Hooking into Gnus  
1.2.5 Hooking into Mew  
General Use
2.1 Encrypting a Message  Encrypting a message to one or more recipients.
2.2 Signing a Message  Clearsigning a message.
2.3 Inserting a Public Key Block  Extracting a key from your public key ring and inserting it.
2.4 Decrypting a message  Decrypting a message to you.
2.5 Verifying a Signature  Verifying the signature on a clearsigned message.
2.6 Snarfing a Key  Finding a key in the current message and adding it to your keyring.
Remailer Support
3.1 Remailer Introduction  A little about remailers in general.
3.2 Remailer Quick Start  Getting started quickly.
3.3 Remailer Chains  Creating custom chains of your very own.
3.4 Response Blocks  A way to let people reply to your anonymous messages.
3.5 Pseudonyms  Who do you want to be today?
3.6 Remailing Posts  Posting to USENET anonymously or pseduonymously.
3.7 Mixmaster Support  Remailers for the truly paranoid.
3.8 Remailer Security  Caveats.
3.9 Verifiable Pseudonyms  Giving expression to the voices in your head.
3.10 Remailer Tips  Free advice.
Key Fetching
5.1 Keyring Fetch  Fetching from one or more other keyrings on the local system.
5.2 Finger Fetch  Fetching a key through finger.
5.3 HTTP Fetch  Fetching a key off of the Web.
5.4 GnuPG Fetch  Using GnuPG's internal keyserver interface.
Miscellaneous Configuration
6.1 Alternate Keyring  Specifying a different file to act like your public keyring.
6.2 Comment Field  Burma Shave
6.3 Mode Line  Changing that "MC-w" and "MC-r" stuff
6.4 Key Bindings  Which keys cause which actions.
6.5 Nonstandard Paths  Useful if your PGP installation is weird.
9.1 Online Resources  Recreational reading with a purpose.
9.2 Key Servers  Keepers of the Global Keyring.
9.3 Mailing List  Staying informed while pumping the authors' egos.
9.4 Politics  Anarcho-foobarism.

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