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8. Limitations

Mailcrypt is a powerful program, but it is not a complete PGP interface. Perhaps some future version will be; in the meantime, you will need to use the command-line interface for some operations. Things which the current version does not support include:

Complete Key Management
Mailcrypt's key management support is limited to adding and extracting keys from keyrings. It does not support key generation, key removal, key revocation, ID and trust parameter editing, or key signing. It also ignores PGP's warnings when you use a key which is not fully certified. (Of course, you can see these warnings by viewing the *MailCrypt* buffer; see 7. Tips.)

Encryption with Conventional Cryptography
Mailcrypt supports decryption but not encryption with "conventional" (i.e., non-public key) cryptography.

Detached Signatures
Mailcrypt does not support the creation nor the verification of detached signatures.

"For your eyes only" Decryption
Mailcrypt will be unable to decrypt a file which was encrypted with the "for your eyes only" (`-m') option. This is actually a bug in PGP, which provides no portable way to avoid its paging behavior.

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