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1. Read me first

Mew is an interface to integrate

and to make it easy to view and compose them. With Mew you can send a picture of a birthday cake with the song "Happy Birthday to you" to your friend, which is encrypted by strong cryptograph. NetNews is supposed to be integrated in version 2.xx or later.

Mew is an acronym of "Messaging in the Emacs World". You should spell it with the first letter capitalized and pronounce it as it is(i.e. meow of cats). When the author started programming it, he chose a cute word from his English dictionary. So, Mew.

The features of Mew version 1.9x are as follows:

Mew is officially supposed to run on Emacs 19.28, 19.34, and 20.3 or later, Mule 2.3 or later, and XEmacs 20.4 or later. Emacs other than described, such as Emacs 18, Nemacs, Mule 1, and XEmacs 19 and 20.3 are not and will not be supported in the future. Mew may support beta versions of Emacs but Mew conforms the spec of official release when available.

Throughout this manual, "Emacs" means all supported platforms. "Mule" indicates multi-lingual platforms such as Mule 2, Emacs 20, and XEmacs 20.4 complied with the --with-mule option while "Bilingual Emacs" means English-and-Latin1 platforms including Emacs 19 and XEmacs 20.4 complied without the --with-mule option. "XEmacs" indicates graphical platforms such as XEmacs 20.4 whereas text-only platforms are called "Text Emacs".

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