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10. Life with icons

If you use Mew on XEmacs, you can read and/or write messages with icon-based interface. The icon-based interface was designed totally equivalent to the original key-based interface.

So, how to use the icon-based interface? I believe that it is intuitive enough that no future explanation is necessary. Nonetheless, some basic rules are shown below.

To execute a function bounded to each BASIC icon in Summary, Virtual, and Draft mode toolbar, click the left button of your mouse.

For multipart messages, multipart icons appears in toolbars. Clicking the left button on a multipart icon visualizes the part. When you press the multipart icon, a popup menu appears. Thanks to this menu, many operations can be applied to the part.

By default, multipart icons are displayed at the right size of the basic icons in toolbars. If you like the left size, configure as follows:

(setq mew-multipart-icon-position 'left)

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