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14. Mew's policy

The following words mention Mew's spirit:

Mew wants something simple or nothing at all.

That is, complicated mechanism is not necessary. What Mew provides is simple yet comprehensive feature.

Many people tell me like this: "A mailer that I used before has this kind of feature and I think it's very convenient. So, please implement it in Mew". Sorry, such a explanation might not convince me. Mew is trying to carry out stuff that other programs have not ever done so. The word "good-old" seems to me not enough.

If you believe in your opinion, please pursue the author patiently. Since I'm hell-of-a busy person I'm prone to forget what you explained before. And because I'm just a man I regret to say I'm subjective. It is quite possible for me not to understand your novel ideas. So, please don't give up!

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