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16. Where will Mew go?

Mew 1.95 would be the last version of the version 1 series. The followings are features to be implemented in Mew 1.95.

Real multi-lingualization
Though The current multi-lingualization feature of Mew is really cool, there are some shortcoming such as inability of 8bit message forwarding, difficulty of Korean processing, etc. Mew 1.95 will aim at real multi-lingualization solving these problems.
MIME editor
Currently, it is hard to re-edit multipart messages. Mew 1.95 will implement a generic mechanism to re-edit multipart messages.
Making it easy to customize Mew's options with `defcustom'.
Template in Draft mode
Draft mode will provide template features. For example, a typical greeting sentence can be inserted according to the To: field.

It is planed that Mew 2 will be independent on IM.

IMAP daemon
One of shortcomings of Mew 1.9x is that users are made to wait every time Perl is executed and reads configuration files. To solve this, we are planing to implement an IMAP daemon running on a local computer and make Mew communicate with it.
Database for full body search
Mew 2 will support database for full body search (WAIS for English?).
Database for message relations
Mew 2 will support database for message relations. Thanks to this, thread can be implemented. Also, it will be possible to manage unread messages. Possibly refiling messages will be unnecessary.
Mew 2 will support NetNews.

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