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18. Acknowledgement

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mine Sakurai. If she had not have implemented mhpem and inspired me, Mew would not be realistic. She also implemented most part of mew-url and mew-pem(that are obsolete, though). It is she that gives me an idea of mark based composing. To her goes my deepest gratitude.

The author of Mew would sincerely like to acknowledge Kazumasa Utashiro for telling me simplicity of Summary mode, Youki Kadobayashi for noticing me a scheme to map file structures to MIME, Motonori Nakamura for his precious suggestions regarding with Email, and Susumu Sano for giving me a hint to integrate Email and NetNews.

Kiyotaka Sakai always contributes neat codes. Yoshinari Nomura enhanced functionality of message refile. Mikitomo Ushijima always proofreads my poor English. Keiichi Shima encouraged me to write Info. I very much appreciate.

I would like to thank David Worenklein for contributing many codes. I'm grateful to Atsushi Shionozaki, Darren Stalder, and David Worenklein for proofreading my paper. I'd like to acknowledge to Scandinavia guys for their good suggestions.

My deep gratitude goes to Jun'ichiro Ito, Yoshiaki Kasahara, Motonori Nakamura, Yoshinari Nomura, Kazunori Nishi, and Hidenori Ohta for their help to create IM. My thank also goes to Kazumasa Utashiro for making IM much faster. I would acknowledge to Fujikazu Okunishi for his contribution on OS/2 area and his comprehensive tests. Significant works to run Mew on Win95/WNT were mostly accomplished by Shuichi Kitaguchi and Shuhei Yamaguchi. Yuuichi Teranishi made Mew funny on XEmacs.

I would like to express my thanks to devoted users: Hidetaka Koie, Hideyuki Shirai, and Shun-ichi Goto.

Mew is supported by contributions from many users. I'd like to express hearty thanks to those who are not listed here. The author is hell-of-a busy guy, so he cannot afford to respond all Emails. I'm so sorry if you have not received my reply.

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