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20. About the author

Kazuhiko YAMAMOTO // Kazu In 1970, Kazu was born at Hikari city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan, where is surrounded by a beach with "Rainbow pine forest" in the south, by an abundant river in the east, by gentle mountains in the north and the west. When he was a junior high-school student, he watched the movie "War Game", which made him interested in computer security. He had been grown with beautiful nature at Hikari city until high school.

He was moved to Fukuoka city to take a course of electronic engineering at Kyushu university in 1988. Despite of pain from the urban city, the dirty ocean, and the language barrier, he somehow graduated from the university. Email appeared to him in the third year and the Internet fascinated him through the fourth. The trial to be a employee of Sun Microsystems to visit the US failed because US' visa policy became severe at that time.

He took a course of Computer Science and Communication Engineering at the graduate school of Kyushu university in 1992. The specialty was Internet routing. He started to make security knowledge and technology widely spread to the Japan portion of the Internet community. He finally released "Happy Networking", one of the most popular beginner's guide of the Internet, in the spring of 1993.

He moved to Nara Institute of Science and Technology as a research associate in 1994. During the four years of faculty life, he developed Mew. Since he reached a conclusion that he should concentrate on programming in young days and it's possible to educate students when he will became older, he moved to IIJ Research Laboratory in 1998.

Research areas: Messaging system, IP version 6
Favorite words: "Challenges start everyday."
Favorite words: "Living is learning. Giving is taking."

Email: Kazu@Mew.org
URL: http://www.mew.org/~kazu/
PGP fingerprint: 6B 63 38 88 67 5E 96 8E CE A4 62 73 3F 11 64 94

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