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21. Terminology

Here is terminology for Mew.

Directories to save received messages.
`Summary mode'
A mode to display a list of messages.
`Message mode'
A mode to display a content of a text message.
`Draft mode'
A mode to write or compose a message.
A format to contain objects other than text in a body and to embed non-alphabetical words in a header. With MIME you can enclose text files, picture files and audio files at the same time, and insert your first language such as Japanese into Subject:. It is an acronym of "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions". For more information, please refer to See section 12. What's MIME?.
A program to accomplish encrypted message and digital signature created by Phil Zimmermann. An acronym for "Pretty Good Privacy".
An interface to write or compose a message. Regarding with Mew, it is Draft mode.
An interface to read or view messages. As far as Mew is concerned, it is Summary mode and Message mode.
A short word for "electronic mail".
It was also known as "USENET news".
An integrated concept of Email, NetNews, MIME, etc. A short word of "Internet message".

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