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C-c C-c3.5 Committing the Patch
C-c C-c4.5.2.2 Log Message Editing
C-c C-c4.5.3 Commit Operation
C-c C-p c3.5 Committing the Patch
C-c C-p c4.5 Project Check In
C-c C-p c4.5.2.2 Log Message Editing
C-c C-p c4.5.3 Commit Operation
C-c C-p d4.3 Patch Generation
C-c C-p f4.2 Mail Preparation
C-c C-p F4.2 Mail Preparation
C-c C-p i3.4 Filling the message
C-c C-p i4.4.2 ChangeLogs Appearance
C-c C-p i4.5.2.2 Log Message Editing
C-c C-p l4.5.2.2 Log Message Editing
C-c C-p r4.2 Mail Preparation
C-c C-p R4.2 Mail Preparation
C-c C-p s4.5.2.2 Log Message Editing

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