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Pcl-cvs - The Emacs Front-End to CVS

This info manual describes pcl-cvs which is a GNU Emacs front-end to CVS. It works with CVS version 1.9 and newer. This manual is updated to release 2.5 of pcl-cvs.

1. Installation  How to install pcl-cvs on your system.
2. About pcl-cvs  Authors and ftp sites.
3. Getting started  An introduction with a walk-through example.
4. Buffer contents  An explanation of the buffer contents.
5. Commands  All commands, grouped by type.
6. Customization  How you can tailor pcl-cvs to suit your needs.
7. XEmacs Customization  Additional tailoring under XEmacs.
8. Future enhancements  Future enhancements of pcl-cvs.
9. Bugs (known and unknown)  
Function and Variable Index  List of functions and variables.
Concept Index  List of concepts.
Key Index  List of keystrokes.
-- The Detailed Node Listing ---
1.1 Installation of the pcl-cvs program  How to install pcl-cvs on your system.
1.2 Installation of the on-line manual.  How to install the on-line manual.
1.3 How to make typeset documentation from pcl-cvs.texi  How to create typeset documentation about pcl-cvs.
About pcl-cvs
2.1 Contributors to pcl-cvs  
2.2 Where can I get pcl-cvs?  Where can I get a copy of Pcl-Cvs?
Buffer contents
4.1 File status  The meaning of the second field.
4.2 Selected files  How selection works.
5.1 Setting flags for CVS commands  
5.3 Updating the `*cvs*' buffer  Commands to update the local directory
5.4 Movement Commands  How to move up and down in the buffer
5.5 Marking files  How to mark files that other commands will later operate on.
5.6 Committing changes  Checking in your modifications to the CVS repository.
5.7 Editing files  Loading files into Emacs.
5.8 Getting info about files  Display the log and status of files.
5.9 Adding and removing files  
5.10 Undoing changes  
5.11 Removing handled entries  Uninteresting lines can easily be removed.
5.12 Ignoring files  Telling CVS to ignore generated files.
5.13 Viewing differences  Commands to `diff' different versions.
5.14 Running ediff  Running `ediff' from `*cvs*' buffer.
5.17 Miscellaneous commands  

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