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9. Bugs (known and unknown)

If you find a bug or misfeature, don't hesitate to tell us! Send email to `pcl-cvs@cyclic.com'. We prefer discussing one thing at a time. If you find several unrelated bugs, please report them separately. That way our bug-tracking software will work better. If you report several problems in a single email we might miss one or two of them. If you are running pcl-cvs under XEmacs, you should also send a copy of bug reports to `xemacs-beta@xemacs.org'.

If you have ideas for improvements, or if you have written some extensions to this package, we would like to hear from you. We hope that you find this package useful!

Below is a partial list of currently known problems with pcl-cvs version 2.0.

Unexpected output from CVS
Unexpected output from CVS may confuse pcl-cvs. It will create warning messages in the *cvs* buffer alerting you to any parse errors. If you get these messages, please send a bug report to the email addresses listed above. Include the contents of the *cvs* buffer, the output of the CVS process (which should be found in the *cvs-tmp* emacs buffer), and the versions of emacs, pcl-cvs and CVS you are using.

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