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10. Editing Icon Code

This mode is used for editing Icon code. It is automatically invoked for buffers visiting any file ending in an extension of `.icn'.

The mode provides the following features:

The following key mappings are defined:

{ electric-icon-brace
} electric-icon-brace
delete backward-delete-char-untabify
menu-bar << Prefix command "Icon" >>
M-backspace mark-icon-function
M-C-a beginning-of-icon-defun
M-C-e end-of-icon-defun
M-C-h mark-icon-function
M-C-q indent-icon-exp

The variables controlling indentation style are:

Non-nil means TAB in Icon mode should always reindent the current line, regardless of where in the line point is when the TAB command is used.

Non-nil means automatically newline before and after braces inserted in Icon code.

Indentation of Icon statements within surrounding block. The surrounding block's indentation is the indentation of the line on which the open-brace appears.

Extra indentation given to a substatement, such as the then-clause of an if or body of a while.

Extra indentation given to a brace that starts a substatement. This is in addition to `icon-continued-statement-offset'.

Extra indentation for line if it starts with an open brace.

An open brace following other text is treated as if it were this far to the right of the start of its line.

Turning on Icon mode calls the value of the variable icon-mode-hook with no args, if that value is non-nil.

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET icon RET

10.1 About Icon  

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10.1 About Icon

Icon is a high-level, general-purpose programming language with a large repertoire of features for processing data structures and character strings. Icon is an imperative, procedural language with a syntax reminiscent of C and Pascal, but with semantics at a much higher level. More information on Icon can be found at The Icon Programming Language.

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