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8. Viewing and Editing Context Diffs

This mode facilitates viewing and editing of context diffs. It is automatically invoked buffers visiting any file ending with one of the following extensions: `.diff', `.diffs', `.patch', `.rej'.

The mode provides support for font-lock, outline, navigation commands, editing and various conversions as well as jumping.

The following key mappings are defined:

C-c << Prefix Command >>
M-A diff-ediff-patch
M-C diff-unified->context
M-K diff-file-kill
M-N diff-file-next
M-P diff-file-prev
M-R diff-reverse-direction
M-U diff-context->unified
M-W widen
M-k diff-hunk-kill
M-n diff-hunk-next
M-o diff-goto-source
M-p diff-hunk-prev
M-r diff-restrict-view
M-{ diff-file-prev
M-} diff-file-next
M-delete scroll-down
M-return diff-goto-source
M-space scroll-up
M-C-m diff-goto-source
C-c C-a diff-apply-hunk
C-c C-c diff-goto-source
C-c C-s diff-split-hunk
C-c C-t diff-test-hunk

To configure this package, type:

  M-x customize-group RET diff-mode RET

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