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1. SML Mode Info

You are looking at the top node of the Info tree documenting SML-MODE (Version $Name: $). Not all functions are documented here, but those that aren't you probably won't miss. All commands and settable variables have built-in documentation, as per usual Emacs conventions.

2. Copying  You can copy SML mode
3. Introduction  Setting things up
4. Editing with SML Mode  Editing SML source
5. Running ML under Emacs  Running ML processes
6. Configuration Summary  Menus, highlighting, setting defaults
Command Index  Commands you can invoke
Variable Index  Variables you can set
Key Index  Default keybindings
3.1 Contributors to the SML mode  Who did what
3.2 Getting started  What to tell Emacs
3.3 Help!  How Emacs can help
SML Mode
4.1 On entering SML mode  
4.2 Automatic indentation  Prettying SML text
4.3 Electric features  Templates and electric keys
4.4 Indentation defaults  Variables controlling indentation
Interaction Mode
5.1 Starting the compiler  Commands to run the ML compiler in a buffer
5.2 Speaking to the compiler  Sending program fragments to the compiler
5.3 Finding errors  Finding reported syntax errors
5.4 Process defaults  Setting defaults for process interaction
6.1 Hooks  Creating hooks
6.2 Key bindings  Binding commands to keys
6.3 Syntax colouring  
6.4 Advanced Topics  You may need to speak Emacs Lisp

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