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13. The Supercite Mailing List

Supercite is currently an orphan, and the mailing list has been decommissioned (see the message from the author below). The XEmacs package version of Supercite is maintained by the XEmacs Development Team, and you may contact them by filing a bug report with M-x report-emacs-bug, or by mailing to the XEmacs Developers' mailing list, `xemacs-beta@xemacs.org'.

The Supercite mailing list has been replaced with an autoresponder; the message it returns follows.

From: The Python Replybot <replybot@python.org>
Subject: Supercite

On 01-Nov-1999 I decommissioned the supercite@python.org mailing list.
I no longer have time to support or develop Supercite, so it is best
that any further discussion of the package occur on the related GNU
Emacs newsgroups and/or mailing lists.  The Supercite archives will be
retained for posterity.  You can find them at


I thank everyone who's helped me improve Supercite over the years, and
given me very valuable feedback, bug fixes, suggestions, code
contributions, etc.

Recently, I made available my last snapshot of an alpha version of
Supercite 4.0.  This is essentially what I use every day, and it shows
the direction I was taking the development when my other duties and
interests forced me to stop working on the code.  It would be cool if
someone else was fired up enough to adopt Supercite.  You can grab the
4.0 alpha snapshot by visiting


If you would like to adopt Supercite, please contact me first at
supercite-help@python.org.  Please do not send me other questions
about Supercite -- I will probably ignore them.


If you would like to take over maintenance of the Supercite package, but are worried about infrastructure issues (like CVS repository, mailing lists, FTP distribution, a home page, and so on), one obvious approach would be to create a Supercite project at SourceForge (`http://www.sourceforge.net/'). However, another approach would be to use the XEmacs facilities, since we already maintain a Supercite package. Contact the XEmacs Development Team for information.

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