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17. Menus

VM uses Emacs' menubar and popup menus when they are available to give you access to more of VM's commands. By default VM puts a context sensitive popup menu on mouse button 3 (usually the rightmost mouse button). If you don't want this menu, set the variable vm-popup-menu-on-mouse-3 to nil.

If you set vm-use-menus to nil, VM will not generate a menubar for VM folder buffers and VM won't use popup menus either. If you set vm-use-menus to `1', VM will add a single `VM' entry to the existing menubar instead of using the whole menubar for its purposes. That single entry will have all the VM command submenus under it.

To make VM use the whole menubar, you must set variable vm-use-menus to a list of symbols. The symbols and the order in which they are listed determine which menus will be in the menubar and how they are ordered. Valid symbol values are:

This is menu of commands that are commonly used to dispose of a message. E.g. reply, print, save, delete.
This is actually a menu button that causes the menubar to change to the global Emacs menubar. On that menubar you will find a VM button that will return you to the VM menubar.
This is a menu of folder related commands. You can visit a folder, save a folder, quit a folder and so on.
This is a menu of commands that provide information for you if you don't know what to do next.
This is a menu of commands that let you add and remove message labels from messages.
This is a menu of commands that you can use to mark and unmark messages based on various criteria. See section 9. Message Marks.
This is a menu of commands to move around inside messages and inside folders.
This is a menu of commands you use to compose and send messages.
This is a menu of commands to sort a folder by various criteria.
This is a menu button that invokes the vm-undo command.
This is a menu of commands that let you visit and create virtual folders.
If nil appears in the list, it should appear exactly once. All menus after nil in the list will be displayed flushright in the menubar.

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