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XEmacs Window Manager

This manual is part of XWEM project. This documentatin is very poor, so you better look at .el files for technical stuff.

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1. Overview  An introduction.
2. Getting Started  Launching XWEM for the first time.
3. Primitives  XWEM primitives.
4. XWEM Subsystems  What is needed by Window Manager.
5. Hooking  Hooks in XWEM.
6. Addons  XWEM have some usefull packages(addons).
7. Logging  Logs facilities in XWEM.
8. Licenses  What you can't do with XWEM sources.
Index  This file index.
-- The Detailed Node Listing ---
Getting Started
2.1 Configuring X  How to configure X server.
2.2 Configuring Emacs  What you need in ~/.emacs to run XWEM.
2.3 Configuring XWEM  How to configure XWEM.
3.1 Frame  Much like Emacs frame.
3.2 Window  Much like Emacs window.
3.3 Client  Something that in XWEM window.
3.4 XWEM Minibuffer  Global minibuffer for Emacs frames.
XWEM Subsystems
4.1 Keyboard  Keyboard support.
4.2 Mouse  Mouse support.
4.3 Text  Various texts support.
4.4 Manage Database  How various X11 clients are managed.
4.5 System Tray  Support for dock applications.
4.6 Help  XWEM is self documented.
4.1.1 Keymaps  Keymaps used by XWEM.
4.1.2 Keymap Operations  What you can do with XWEM keymaps.
4.1.3 Smart Modifiers  Special modifiers mode support.

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