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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Finding an IRC server and connecting to it.
1.1.1 Changing default server (and attributes). The $IRCSERVER way. The zenirc-server-alist way. Using ordinary variables.
1.1.2 Those servers are all down.
1.1.3 The server doesn't let me on?!
2. Using ZenIRC to waste time.
2.1 What goes on in the background?
2.1.1 Communicating with the server.
2.1.2 Server communicating with you.
2.2 Commands in ZenIRC major-mode.
2.2.1 Non ZenIRC specific commands.
2.2.2 ZenIRC specific commands.
2.3 Keybindings in ZenIRC major-mode.
3. It's working, now I want it to Look Good and Feel Good.
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