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XEmacs Home Page for Jerry James

This is the XEmacs home page for Jerry James, one of the developers of XEmacs.

I can be reached at <jerry.james@xemacs.org>, as well as <james@xemacs.org> and <jerry@xemacs.org>.

Jerry James was managing a software development project as a Ph.D. student when two of his M.S. student helpers convinced him to switch from FSF Emacs to XEmacs. He thought that Gnus looked a lot cooler in XEmacs, and soon had a web page containing small patches to XEmacs 20.3, which were picked up by the Debian Linux distribution.

After graduating, he worked as a Computer Science professor for 8 years, first at the University of Kansas, and later at Utah State University. Then he decided that he really, really liked software development. Since then he has been working as a software architect and senior software developer in private industry. He is currently hacking Linux kernels for a web hosting company.

His personal home page is at http://www.jamezone.org/.

Contributions to XEmacs:

  • Extensions to the loadable module support in XEmacs, which was introduced by J. Kean Johnston and others.
  • Moving PostgreSQL and LDAP code to modules.
  • Implementation of bignums, ratios, and bigfloats.
  • Bug fixing and code analyses.

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