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Overview is a simple image inclusion recipe used for linking a small image with an enlarged version of that image.
Compatible Genpage Versions
Version 1.0.3 and above.
thumbnail( aLargeImageURL )

aLargeImageURL is the URL of the large image, the URL of the small image is assumed to be the same as the URL of the large image except that the name of the small image is "t_LargeImageName".


First of all, the file must be included in some content by using <!-- _GP_ recipe( "" ) -->.

Let's assume that there are two files, Image.jpg and t_Image.jpg, and that t_Image.jpg is the thumbnail image.
<!-- _GP_ thumbnail("Image.jpg") -->

This will result in the following HTML :

<A href="Image.jpg"><IMG src="t_Image.jpg;"></A>

That's all there is to it.

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