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Command and Variable Index

This is an alphabetical list of all the @-commands, assorted Emacs Lisp functions, and several variables. To make the list easier to use, the commands are listed without their preceding `@'.

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Index Entry Section

! (end of sentence)13.2.2 Ending a Sentence

"13.3 Inserting Accents

'13.3 Inserting Accents

(newline)13.2.3 Multiple Spaces
(space)13.2.3 Multiple Spaces
(tab)13.2.3 Multiple Spaces

* (force line break)14.1 @*: Generate Line Breaks

,13.3 Inserting Accents

-14.2 @- and @hyphenation: Helping TeX hyphenate

. (end of sentence)13.2.2 Ending a Sentence

: (suppress widening)13.2.1 Not Ending a Sentence

=13.3 Inserting Accents

? (end of sentence)13.2.2 Ending a Sentence

@ (single `@')13.1.1 Inserting `@' with @@

^13.3 Inserting Accents

`13.3 Inserting Accents

{ (single `{')13.1.2 Inserting `{' and `}'with @{ and @}

} (single `}')13.1.2 Inserting `{' and `}'with @{ and @}

~13.3 Inserting Accents

aa13.3 Inserting Accents
AA13.3 Inserting Accents
ae13.3 Inserting Accents
AE13.3 Inserting Accents
afourpaper19.11 Printing on A4 Paper
appendix5.5 @unnumbered, @appendix
appendixsec5.8 @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, @heading
appendixsection5.8 @unnumberedsec, @appendixsec, @heading
appendixsubsec5.10 The @subsection-like Commands
appendixsubsubsec5.11 The `subsub' Commands
apply15.6 A Sample Function Definition
asisUsing the @table Command
author3.4.3 @title, @subtitle, and @author

b (bold font)9.2.3 Fonts for Printing, Not Info
buffer-end15.1 The Template for a Definition
bullet13.4.2 @bullet{} (*)
bye4. Ending a Texinfo File
bye4.3 @bye File Ending

c (comment)1.5 Comments
cartouche10.11 Drawing Cartouches Around Examples
center3.4.2 @titlefont, @center, and @sp
centerchap5.4 @chapter
chapheading5.6 @majorheading, @chapheading
chapter5.4 @chapter
cindex12.3 Defining the Entries of an Index
cite9.1.8 @cite{reference}
clear17.3.1 @ifset and @ifclear
code9.1.1 @code{sample-code}
columnfractions11.4.1 Multitable Column Widths
comment1.5 Comments
contents4.2 Generating a Table of Contents
copyright3.4.4 Copyright Page and Permissions
copyright13.5.2 @copyright{} (©)
cropmarks19.12 Cropmarks and Magnification

defcodeindex12.5 Defining New Indices
defcv15.4.5 Object-Oriented Programming
deffn15.4.1 Functions and Similar Entities
deffnx15.3 Two or More `First' Lines
defindex12.5 Defining New Indices
definfoenclose9.2.4 Customized Highlighting
defivar15.4.5 Object-Oriented Programming
defmac15.4.1 Functions and Similar Entities
defmethod15.4.5 Object-Oriented Programming
defmethod15.4.5 Object-Oriented Programming
defop15.4.5 Object-Oriented Programming
defopt15.4.2 Variables and Similar Entities
defspec15.4.1 Functions and Similar Entities
deftp15.4.6 Data Types
deftypefn15.4.3 Functions in Typed Languages
deftypefun15.4.3 Functions in Typed Languages
deftypevar15.4.4 Variables in Typed Languages
deftypevr15.4.4 Variables in Typed Languages
defun15.4.1 Functions and Similar Entities
defvar15.4.2 Variables and Similar Entities
defvr15.4.2 Variables and Similar Entities
dfn9.1.7 @dfn{term}
dircategory21.3 Installing Info Directory Files
direntry21.3 Installing Info Directory Files
display10.7 @display
dmn13.2.4 @dmn{dimension}: Format a Dimension
dotaccent13.3 Inserting Accents
dotless13.3 Inserting Accents
dots13.4.1 @dots{} (...)

email9.1.10 @email{email-address[, displayed-text]}
emph9.2.1 @emph{text} and @strong{text}
end10. Quotations and Examples
endIntroducing Lists
end titlepage3.4.5 Heading Generation
enumerate11.2 Making a Numbered or Lettered List
evenfootingF.3 How to Make Your Own Headings
evenheadingF.3 How to Make Your Own Headings
everyfootingF.3 How to Make Your Own Headings
everyheadingF.3 How to Make Your Own Headings
example10.3 @example
exclamdown13.3 Inserting Accents
exdent10.9 @exdent: Undoing a Line's Indentation

file9.1.6 @file{file-name}
filll3.4.4 Copyright Page and Permissions
finalout19.9 Overfull "hboxes"
findex12.3 Defining the Entries of an Index
flushleft10.10 @flushleft and @flushright
flushright10.10 @flushleft and @flushright
foobar15.2 Optional and Repeated Arguments
footnote16. Footnotes
footnotestyle16.2 Footnote Styles
format10.8 @format
forward-word15.1 The Template for a Definition
ftable11.3.1 @ftable and @vtable

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