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Command and Function Index: D – E

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Index Entry Section

dabbrev-expand23.5 Dynamic Abbrev Expansion
debug22.5 The Emacs-Lisp Debugger
debug-on-entry22.5 The Emacs-Lisp Debugger
default-value27.3.4 Local Variables
define-abbrevs23.4 Saving Abbrevs
define-key27.5.2.1 Changing Key Bindings Interactively
define-key27.5.2.2 Changing Key Bindings Programmatically
delete-backward-char9.4 Deletion and Killing
delete-backward-char13.1 Killing Your Mistakes
delete-blank-lines4.6 Blank Lines
delete-blank-lines9.4.1 Deletion
delete-char9.4 Deletion and Killing
delete-char24.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
delete-file14.10 Miscellaneous File Operations
delete-horizontal-space9.4.1 Deletion
delete-horizontal-space19.1 Indentation Commands and Techniques
delete-indentation9.4.1 Deletion
delete-indentation19.1 Indentation Commands and Techniques
delete-matching-lines12.8 Other Search-and-Loop Commands
delete-menu-item2.4.8 Customizing XEmacs Menus
delete-non-matching-lines12.8 Other Search-and-Loop Commands
delete-other-windows16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
delete-rectangle9.8 Rectangles
delete-window16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
describe-bindings8.6 Other Help Commands
describe-calendar-mode26.1.4 Miscellaneous Calendar Commands
describe-coding-system17.5 Coding Systems
describe-copying8.6 Other Help Commands
describe-distribution8.6 Other Help Commands
describe-function8.2 Help by Command or Variable Name
describe-function21.9 Documentation Commands
describe-input-method17.4 Selecting an Input Method
describe-key8.1 Documentation for a Key
describe-key-briefly8.1 Documentation for a Key
describe-language-environment17.2 Language Environments
describe-mode8.6 Other Help Commands
describe-no-warranty8.6 Other Help Commands
describe-syntax27.6.2 Altering Syntax Information
describe-variable8.2 Help by Command or Variable Name
describe-variable21.9 Documentation Commands
describe-variable27.3.1 Examining and Setting Variables
diary26.5.3 Commands Displaying Diary Entries
diary-anniversary26.5.7 Special Diary Entries
diary-anniversary26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-astro-day-number26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-block26.5.7 Special Diary Entries
diary-cyclic26.5.7 Special Diary Entries
diary-cyclic26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-day-of-year26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-float26.5.7 Special Diary Entries
diary-french-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-hebrew-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-islamic-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-iso-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-julian-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-mail-entries26.5.3 Commands Displaying Diary Entries
diary-mayan-date26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-omer26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-parasha26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-phases-of-moon26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-rosh-hodesh26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-sabbath-candles26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-sunrise-sunset26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diary-yahrzeit26.5.8.10 Sexp Entries and the Fancy Diary Display
diff14.8 Comparing Files
diff-backup14.8 Comparing Files
digit-argument4.9 Numeric Arguments
dired14.9.1 Entering Dired
dired-other-window14.9.1 Entering Dired
dired-other-window16.4 Displaying in Another Window
disable-command27.5.3 Disabling Commands
disable-menu-item2.4.8 Customizing XEmacs Menus
disable-unification17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality
disassemble22.3.2 Compiling Libraries
display-time1.3 The Mode Line
dissociated-press26.11 Dissociated Press
do-auto-save14.5.2 Controlling Auto-Saving
doctor27.14.6 Help for Total Frustration
down-list21.2 Lists and Sexps
downcase-region20.7 Case Conversion Commands
downcase-word13.3 Case Conversion
downcase-word20.7 Case Conversion Commands

edit-abbrevs23.3 Examining and Editing Abbrevs
edit-abbrevs-redefine23.3 Examining and Editing Abbrevs
edit-options27.3.3 Editing Variable Values
edit-picture24. Editing Pictures
edit-tab-stops19.2 Tab Stops
edit-tab-stops20.1 Text Mode
edit-tab-stops-note-changes19.2 Tab Stops
edt-emulation-off26.14 Emulation
edt-emulation-on26.14 Emulation
electric-nroff-mode20.1.1 Nroff Mode
emacs-lisp-mode22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
emacs-version27.15.2 How to Report a Bug
enable-command27.5.3 Disabling Commands
enable-menu-item2.4.8 Customizing XEmacs Menus
enable-unification17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality
end-kbd-macro27.4.1 Basic Use
end-of-buffer4.2 Changing the Location of Point
end-of-defun21.3 Defuns
end-of-fortran-subprogram21.13.1 Motion Commands
end-of-line4.2 Changing the Location of Point
enlarge-window16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
enlarge-window-horizontally16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
european-calendar26.5.5 Date Formats
eval-current-buffer22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-defun22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-expression22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-last-sexp22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
eval-region22.4 Evaluating Emacs-Lisp Expressions
exchange-point-and-mark9.1.1 Setting the Mark
execute-extended-command7. Running Commands by Name
exit-calendar26.1.4 Miscellaneous Calendar Commands
exit-recursive-edit26.10 Recursive Editing Levels
expand-abbrev23.2 Controlling Abbrev Expansion
expand-region-abbrevs23.2 Controlling Abbrev Expansion

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