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Command and Function Index: J – M

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Index Entry Section

java-mode21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages
jump-to-register10.1 Saving Positions in Registers
jump-to-register16.2 Splitting Windows
just-one-space9.4.1 Deletion

kbd-macro-query27.4.3 Executing Macros With Variations
kill-all-abbrevs23.1 Defining Abbrevs
kill-buffer15.4 Killing Buffers
kill-comment21.6 Manipulating Comments
kill-compilation22.1 Running “make”, or Compilers Generally
kill-line9.4.2 Killing by Lines
kill-local-variable27.3.4 Local Variables
kill-output-from-shell26.7.3 Shell Mode
kill-rectangle9.8 Rectangles
kill-region9.4.3 Other Kill Commands
kill-sentence9.4.3 Other Kill Commands
kill-sentence20.3 Sentences
kill-sexp9.4.3 Other Kill Commands
kill-sexp21.2 Lists and Sexps
kill-some-buffers15.4 Killing Buffers
kill-word9.4.3 Other Kill Commands
kill-word20.2 Words

latex-mode20.1.2 TeX Mode
LaTeX-mode20.1.2 TeX Mode
lisp-complete-symbol21.8 Completion for Lisp Symbols
lisp-indent-line21.4.1 Basic Program Indentation Commands
lisp-interaction-mode22.6 Lisp Interaction Buffers
lisp-mode22.7 Running an External Lisp
lisp-send-defun22.7 Running an External Lisp
list-abbrevs23.3 Examining and Editing Abbrevs
list-bookmarks10.7 Bookmarks
list-buffers15.2 Listing Existing Buffers
list-calendar-holidays26.2.1 Holidays
list-coding-systems17.5 Coding Systems
list-command-history6.5 Repeating Minibuffer Commands
list-directory14.7 Listing a File Directory
list-hebrew-diary-entries26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
list-holidays26.2.1 Holidays
list-input-methods17.4 Selecting an Input Method
list-islamic-diary-entries26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
list-matching-lines12.8 Other Search-and-Loop Commands
list-options27.3.3 Editing Variable Values
list-tags21.11.7 Tags Table Inquiries
list-yahrzeit-dates26.5 Converting From Other Calendars
load22.3.1 Loading Libraries
load-default-sounds27.8 Changing the Bell Sound
load-file22.3.1 Loading Libraries
load-library3.3.3 Directories and Paths
load-library22.3.1 Loading Libraries
load-sound-file27.8 Changing the Bell Sound
local-set-key27.5.2.1 Changing Key Bindings Interactively
local-unset-key27.5.2.1 Changing Key Bindings Interactively
locate-library22.3.1 Loading Libraries
lpr-buffer26.9 Hardcopy Output
lpr-region26.9 Hardcopy Output

mail25. Sending Mail
mail-cc25.3 Mail Mode
mail-fill-yanked-message25.3 Mail Mode
mail-interactive-insert-alias25.2 Mail Header Fields
mail-other-window16.4 Displaying in Another Window
mail-other-window25. Sending Mail
mail-send25.3 Mail Mode
mail-send-and-exit25.3 Mail Mode
mail-signature25.3 Mail Mode
mail-subject25.3 Mail Mode
mail-to25.3 Mail Mode
mail-yank-original25.3 Mail Mode
make-directory14.1 File Names
make-face-bold27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-bold-italic27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-italic27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-larger27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-smaller27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-unbold27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-face-unitalic27.9.1 Customizing Faces
make-frame1.12 Using XEmacs Under the X Window System
make-local-variable27.3.4 Local Variables
make-obsolete22.3.2 Compiling Libraries
make-symbolic-link14.10 Miscellaneous File Operations
make-variable-buffer-local27.3.4 Local Variables
manual-entry21.9 Documentation Commands
mark-beginning-of-buffer9.1.1 Setting the Mark
mark-calendar-holidays26.2.1 Holidays
mark-defun9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-defun21.3 Defuns
mark-diary-entries26.5.3 Commands Displaying Diary Entries
mark-end-of-buffer9.1.1 Setting the Mark
mark-fortran-subprogram21.13.1 Motion Commands
mark-hebrew-diary-entries26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
mark-included-diary-files26.5.8.9 Included Diary Files
mark-islamic-diary-entries26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
mark-page9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-page20.5 Pages
mark-paragraph9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-paragraph20.4 Paragraphs
mark-sexp9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-sexp21.2 Lists and Sexps
mark-whole-buffer9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-word9.1.3 Commands to Mark Textual Objects
mark-word20.2 Words
minibuffer-complete6.3.1 Completion Example
minibuffer-complete-word6.3.2 Completion Commands
modify-syntax-entry27.6.2 Altering Syntax Information
mouse-choose-completion6.3.2 Completion Commands
mouse-del-char9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-delete-window9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-keep-one-window9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-kill-line9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-line-length9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-scroll9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-select9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-select-and-split9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-set-mark9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-set-point9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-track9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-track-adjust9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-track-and-copy-to-cutbuffer9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
mouse-track-delete-and-insert9.3 Additional Mouse Operations
move-over-close-and-reindent21.7 Editing Without Unbalanced Parentheses
move-to-window-line4.2 Changing the Location of Point

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