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Variable Index: E – N

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Index Entry Section

echo-keystrokes11.4 Variables Controlling Display
emacs-lisp-mode-hook18.2 Mode Hook Variables
emacs-roots3.3.1 XEmacs Directory Hierarchies
EMACSDATA3.3.3 Directories and Paths
EMACSLOADPATH3.3.3 Directories and Paths
EMACSPATH3.3.3 Directories and Paths
enable-local-variables27.3.5 Local Variables in Files
enable-recursive-minibuffers6.2 Editing in the Minibuffer
esc-map27.5.1 Keymaps
european-calendar-style26.5.5 Date Formats
exec-directory3.3.3 Directories and Paths
exec-path3.3.3 Directories and Paths
explicit-shell-file-name26.7.2 Interactive Inferior Shell

face-frob-from-locale-first27.9.1 Customizing Faces
file-coding-system-alist17.6 Recognizing Coding Systems
file-name-coding-system17.8 Specifying a Coding System
fill-column20.6.2 Explicit Fill Commands
fill-prefix20.6.3 The Fill Prefix
find-file-compare-truenames14.2 Visiting Files
find-file-hooks14.2 Visiting Files
find-file-not-found-hooks14.2 Visiting Files
find-file-run-dired14.2 Visiting Files
find-file-use-truenames14.2 Visiting Files
fortran-check-all-num-for-matching-do21.13.2.4 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-comment-indent-char21.13.3 Comments
fortran-comment-indent-style21.13.3 Comments
fortran-comment-line-column21.13.3 Comments
fortran-comment-region21.13.3 Comments
fortran-continuation-char21.13.2.3 Syntactic Conventions
fortran-continuation-indent21.13.2.4 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-do-indent21.13.2.4 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-electric-line-number21.13.2.2 Line Numbers and Continuation
fortran-if-indent21.13.2.4 Variables for Fortran Indentation
fortran-line-number-indent21.13.2.2 Line Numbers and Continuation
fortran-minimum-statement-indent21.13.2.4 Variables for Fortran Indentation
frame-icon-title-format1.12 Using XEmacs Under the X Window System
frame-icon-title-format3.2.3 Command Line Arguments (for XEmacs Under X)
frame-title-format1.12 Using XEmacs Under the X Window System
frame-title-format3.2.3 Command Line Arguments (for XEmacs Under X)

general-holidays26.5.8.2 Customizing the Holidays
global-map27.5.1 Keymaps

hebrew-holidays26.5.8.2 Customizing the Holidays
help-map27.5.1 Keymaps
holidays-in-diary-buffer26.5.8.6 Customizing the Diary

idl-mode-hook21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages
indent-tabs-mode19.3 Tabs vs. Spaces
Info-directory-list3.3.3 Directories and Paths
INFOPATH3.3.3 Directories and Paths
initial-calendar-window-hook26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
initial-major-mode3. Entering and Exiting Emacs
input-method-highlight-flag17.3 Input Methods
input-method-verbose-flag17.3 Input Methods
input-ring-size26.7.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
insert-default-directory6.1 Minibuffers for File Names
insert-default-directory14.1 File Names
isearch-mode-map27.5.1 Keymaps
islamic-holidays26.5.8.2 Customizing the Holidays

java-mode-hook21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages

kept-new-versions14.3.1.2 Automatic Deletion of Backups
kept-old-versions14.3.1.2 Automatic Deletion of Backups
keyboard-translate-table2.1 Keystrokes as Building Blocks of Key Sequences
kill-ring-max9.5.3 Yanking Earlier Kills

LaTeX-mode-hook20.1.2.2 TeX Printing Commands
lisp-body-indention21.4.3 Customizing Lisp Indentation
lisp-directory3.3.3 Directories and Paths
lisp-indent-offset21.4.3 Customizing Lisp Indentation
lisp-interaction-mode-hook18.2 Mode Hook Variables
lisp-mode-hook18.2 Mode Hook Variables
lisp-mode-map27.5.1 Keymaps
list-diary-entries-hook26.5.8.9 Included Diary Files
list-directory-brief-switches14.7 Listing a File Directory
list-directory-verbose-switches14.7 Listing a File Directory
load-path3.3.3 Directories and Paths
load-path22.3.1 Loading Libraries
local-holidays26.5.8.2 Customizing the Holidays
lpr-switches26.9 Hardcopy Output

mail-abbrev-mailrc-file25.2 Mail Header Fields
mail-abbrev-mode-regexp25.2 Mail Header Fields
mail-alias-separator-string25.2 Mail Header Fields
mail-archive-file-name25.2 Mail Header Fields
mail-header-separator25.1 The Format of the Mail Buffer
mail-mode-hook25.3 Mail Mode
make-backup-files14.3.1 Backup Files
make-tags-files-invisible21.11.5 Finding a Tag
mark-diary-entries-hook26.5.8.9 Included Diary Files
mark-diary-entries-in-calendar26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
mark-holidays-in-calendar26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
mark-ring9.1.4 The Mark Ring
mark-ring-max9.1.4 The Mark Ring
meta-flag2.1.4 Assignment of the <META> Key
minibuffer-confirm-incomplete6.2 Editing in the Minibuffer
minibuffer-confirm-incomplete6.3.4 Completion Options
minibuffer-local-completion-map27.5.1 Keymaps
minibuffer-local-map27.5.1 Keymaps
minibuffer-local-must-match-map27.5.1 Keymaps
minibuffer-local-ns-map27.5.1 Keymaps
mode-line-inverse-video1.3 The Mode Line
modeline-pointer-glyph9.2 Selecting Text with the Mouse

next-line-add-newlines4.2 Changing the Location of Point
next-screen-context-lines11.1 Scrolling
no-redraw-on-reenter11.4 Variables Controlling Display
nongregorian-diary-listing-hook26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
nongregorian-diary-marking-hook26.5.8.7 Hebrew- and Islamic-Date Diary Entries
nontext-pointer-glyph9.2 Selecting Text with the Mouse
nroff-mode-hook20.1.1 Nroff Mode
number-of-diary-entries26.5.8.6 Customizing the Diary

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