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Variable Index: O – Z

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Index Entry Section

objc-mode-hook21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages
other-holidays26.5.8.2 Customizing the Holidays
outline-mode-hook20.1.3 Outline Mode
outline-regexp20.1.3.1 Format of Outlines

page-delimiter20.5 Pages
paragraph-separate20.4 Paragraphs
paragraph-start20.4 Paragraphs
parse-sexp-ignore-comments27.6.1 Information About Each Character
PATH3.3.3 Directories and Paths
picture-mode-hook24. Editing Pictures
picture-tab-chars24.3 Picture Mode Tabs
pike-mode-hook21.12 Modes for C, C++, Java and similar languages
plain-TeX-mode-hook20.1.2.2 TeX Printing Commands
print-diary-entries-hook26.5.8.6 Customizing the Diary

repeat-complex-command-map27.5.1 Keymaps
require-final-newline14.3 Saving Files

save-abbrevs23.4 Saving Abbrevs
scheme-mode-hook18.2 Mode Hook Variables
scroll-conservatively11.1 Scrolling
scroll-step11.1 Scrolling
search-slow-speed12.1.1 Slow Terminal Incremental Search
search-slow-window-lines12.1.1 Slow Terminal Incremental Search
selective-display-ellipses11.4 Variables Controlling Display
selective-display-ellipses20.1.3.3 Outline Visibility Commands
sentence-end20.3 Sentences
shell-cd-regexp26.7.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
shell-file-name26.7.1 Single Shell Commands
shell-popd-regexp26.7.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
shell-prompt-pattern26.7.3 Shell Mode
shell-pushd-regexp26.7.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
sound-alist27.8 Changing the Bell Sound

tab-stop-list19.2 Tab Stops
tab-width11.4 Variables Controlling Display
tag-mark-stack-max21.11.5 Finding a Tag
tag-table-alist21.11.4 Selecting a Tags Table
tag-table-alist21.11.5 Finding a Tag
tags-always-build-completion-table21.11.4 Selecting a Tags Table
tags-build-completion-table21.11.5 Finding a Tag
tags-file-name21.11.4 Selecting a Tags Table
tags-file-name21.11.5 Finding a Tag
term-file-prefix27.7.3 Terminal-Specific Initialization
term-setup-hook27.7.3 Terminal-Specific Initialization
TeX-mode-hook20.1.2.2 TeX Printing Commands
text-mode-hook20.1 Text Mode
text-pointer-glyph9.2 Selecting Text with the Mouse
today-invisible-calendar-hook26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
today-visible-calendar-hook26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
track-eol4.2 Changing the Location of Point
truncate-lines4.7 Continuation Lines
truncate-partial-width-windows16.2 Splitting Windows

unity-charset-alias-alist17.7.3 Configuring Unification for Use
unity-coding-system-alias-alist17.7.3 Configuring Unification for Use
unity-iso-8859-1-aliases17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality
unity-preapproved-coding-system-list17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality
unity-preferred-coding-system-list17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality
unity-ucs-list17.7.2.1 Basic Functionality

vc-command-messages14.6.3 Variables Affecting Check-in and Check-out
vc-comment-alist14.6.10 Inserting Version Control Headers
vc-default-back-end14.6.2 Editing with Version Control
vc-header-alist14.6.10 Inserting Version Control Headers
vc-initial-comment14.6.2 Editing with Version Control
vc-keep-workfiles14.6.2 Editing with Version Control
vc-log-mode-hook14.6.4 Log Entries
vc-make-backup-files14.6.2 Editing with Version Control
vc-mistrust-permissions14.6.3 Variables Affecting Check-in and Check-out
vc-path14.6.3 Variables Affecting Check-in and Check-out
vc-static-header-alist14.6.10 Inserting Version Control Headers
vc-suppress-confirm14.6.3 Variables Affecting Check-in and Check-out
version-control14.3.1.1 Single or Numbered Backups
view-calendar-holidays-initially26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar
view-diary-entries-initially26.5.8.1 Customizing the Calendar

window-min-height16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
window-min-width16.5 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
write-file-hooks14.3 Saving Files

x-frame-defaults1.12 Using XEmacs Under the X Window System
xft-debug-levelVariables Used with Xft and Fontconfig
xft-versionVariables Used with Xft and Fontconfig
xft-xlfd-font-regexpVariables Used with Xft and Fontconfig

zmacs-region-stays9.6.4 Active Regions
zmacs-regions9.6.4 Active Regions

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