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21.0 Showstoppers

  • Subprocesses on Windows:

    1. (De facto Owner: Charles Waldman, Jonathan Harris) Must work at least somewhat (as well as possible) on Win95 and Win98.

    2. (De facto Owner: Charles Waldman, Jonathan Harris) What works and what doesn't should be clearly documented.

  • Package System:

    1. (De facto Owner: Darryl Okahata, Michael Sperber) Documentation.

    2. (De facto Owner: Steve Baur) Uninstall.

  • Sumo Distribution:

    1. (De facto Owner: Jan Vroonhof, maybe Darryl Okahata) Complete, well-defined, well-tested and properly integrated.

    2. (De facto Owner: Steve Baur, Jason Mastaler) Needs to be on FTP site.

  • Backspace/Delete:

    1. (De facto Owner: Jan Vroonhof, Glynn Clements) Integrate Backspace/Delete patches. At a minimum, IMHO, Delete must delete forward on Windows systems. I feel stongly that it should be enabled on Windows system, but if this suggestion is going to be vetoed, then so be it. 21.0 is already an experimental release which is going to be somewhat unstable, so I don't see any reason why we should postpone a patch of this nature. It's better to introduce major user interface changes along with major releases.

Ben Wing

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