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Customization Links

Additions are welcome! Please mail webmaster@xemacs.org with any links.


Changing the look of XEmacs

Elisp add ons

  • eicq: an ICQ client for XEmacs. [download] [screen shot]
  • eSMS Homepage: eSMS is an elisp package written by Jarl Friis <jarl@diku.dk> for sending SMS (Short Message System) messages to mobile units without leaving your (X)Emacs.
  • Emacs Lisp List: Big list of elisp add ons.
  • www.davep.org: Emacs (formerly Hagbard's World lisp >files): several small add ons, including a 5x5 game and utilities to make URL quoting easier.
  • X-Symbol: The main purpose of package x-symbol is to provide some WYSIWYGness in an area where it greatly enhance the readability of your LaTeX or HTML source: using "real" characters for "tokens" like \oplus or &#8482;. It also provides input methods for these characters, both for the beginner and the expert (some users regard this as the main reason to use package x-symbol). WYSIWYG super- and subscripts and images/figures are also supported.

Package customization with XEmacs


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