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How to Help

XEmacs Development

Currently enrolled students should consider applying to Google Summer of Code for an internship on an XEmacs project The application period for 2013 is April 22 -- May 3, but candidates are encouraged to contact us at any time. Earlier is better, because community-building is an explicit goal of the Summer of Code. Active participation in XEmacs development is a more important criterion than your current skill set!

If you'd like to help with the XEmacs development effort, do the following:

  1. Download the latest releases of 21.4 (the stable branch) or 21.5 (the development mainline), or (better) get the most up-to-date sources from the source repositories.

    Since late 2011, all the XEmacs repositories are hosted in Mercurial repositories on bitbucket.org. You may browse the latest beta (21.5) sources online here. The stable (21.4) sources are here and the packages sources are here. Please see the introduction to the XEmacs Mercurial Repository for instructions on accessing and using the repository.

  2. Install it.

  3. Join the xemacs-beta mailing list.

  4. Find bugs.

  5. Fix them.

  6. Submit patches to the xemacs-patches mailing list.

    The rules for creating and submitting patches are set forth in etc/BETA (section Creating patches for submission in documentation accessed via M-x describe-beta), or see the web version.

    No matter whether you are just getting involved with creating patches or you generate huge amounts of them, patcher is for you. Please install the xemacs-devel package which it is part of. Read its documentation, using C-h C-i patcher from within XEmacs, or use the documentation on the XEmacs website.

XEmacs Packages Development

The development of XEmacs Packages is supported by hourly builds from latest sources. XEmacs Package Smoketest results are readily available.

XEmacs Website Development

This is documented in detail under About XEmacs->Website.

Since the website development model is fully in line with XEmacs development please read that chapter as well.


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