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Index: D – E

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Index Entry Section

data dumping42.4.4 Data dumping
data types, character-related26.10.1 Character-Related Data Types
debugging and testing11.10 Debugging and Testing
DEC_IBYTEPTR26.10.2 Working With Character and Byte Positions
dependencies, build-time8. Build-Time Dependencies
device types, creating28.1 Creating a Window-System Type
devices; frames; windows, consoles;27. Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
devices; frames; windows, introduction to consoles;27.1 Introduction to Consoles; Devices; Frames; Windows
Devin, Matthieu3.3 Lucid Emacs
dialog boxes, discussion44.3 Discussion – Dialog Boxes
different kinds of Windows environments40.1 Different kinds of Windows environments
different ways of seeing internal text26.8.2 Different Ways of Seeing Internal Text
discussion, dialog boxes44.3 Discussion – Dialog Boxes
discussion, distribution layout44.9 Discussion – Distribution Layout
discussion, future work44. Future Work Discussion
discussion, garbage collection44.1 Discussion – Garbage Collection
discussion, glyphs44.2 Discussion – Glyphs
discussion, hashtable-based marking and cleanup44.1.4 Discussion – Hashtable-Based Marking and Cleanup
discussion, Incremental Collector44.1.2 Discussion – Incremental Collector
discussion, instantiators and generic property accessors44.5 Discussion – Instantiators and Generic Property Accessors
discussion, KKCC44.1.1 Discussion – KKCC
discussion, multilingual issues44.4 Discussion – Multilingual Issues
discussion, packages44.8 Discussion – Packages
discussion, pure space44.1.3 Discussion – Pure Space
discussion, switching to c++44.6 Discussion – Switching to C++
discussion, the anti-cons44.1.5 Discussion – The Anti-Cons
discussion, windows external widget44.7 Discussion – Windows External Widget
dispatching events; the command builder36.10 Dispatching Events; The Command Builder
display order of extents31.5 Mathematics of Extent Ordering
display tables, future work43.21 Future Work – Display Tables
display-related Lisp objects, modules for other30.5 Modules for other Display-Related Lisp Objects
displayable Lisp objects, modules for the basic27.5 Modules for the Basic Displayable Lisp Objects
distribution layout, discussion44.9 Discussion – Distribution Layout
drag-n-drop, future work43.3 Future Work – Drag-n-Drop
dumping42. Dumping
dumping address allocation42.4.2 Address allocation
dumping data descriptions42.3 Data descriptions
dumping object inventory42.4.1 Object inventory
dumping overview42.2 Overview
dumping phase42.4 Dumping phase
dumping, data42.4.4 Data dumping
dumping, file loading42.5.1 File loading
dumping, justification42.1 Dumping Justification
dumping, object relocation42.5.4 Object relocation
dumping, pointers42.4.5 Pointers dumping
dumping, putting back the pdump_opaques42.5.2 Putting back the pdump_opaques
dumping, putting back the pdump_root_block_ptrs42.5.3 Putting back the pdump_root_block_ptrs
dumping, putting back the pdump_root_objects and pdump_weak_object_chains42.5.5 Putting back the pdump_root_objects and pdump_weak_object_chains
dumping, reloading phase42.5 Reloading phase
dumping, remaining issues42.6 Remaining issues
dumping, reorganize the hash tables42.5.6 Reorganize the hash tables
dumping, the header42.4.3 The header
dynamic array17.3 Dynamic Arrays
dynamic arrays17.3 Dynamic Arrays
dynamic binding; the specbinding stack; unwind-protects22.2 Dynamic Binding; The specbinding Stack; Unwind-Protects
dynamic scoping6. The Lisp Language
dynamic types6. The Lisp Language

easier toolbar customization, future work43.8.1 Future Work – Easier Toolbar Customization
editing operations, modules for standard9.5 Modules for Standard Editing Operations
Eistring API26.9.3 The Eistring API
elisp compatibility package, future work43.2 Future Work – Elisp Compatibility Package
Emacs 19, GNU3.4 GNU Emacs 19
Emacs 20, GNU3.5 GNU Emacs 20
Emacs, a history of3. A History of Emacs
encoding, internal character26.7.2 Internal Character Encoding
encoding, internal string26.7.1 Internal String Encoding
encodings, internal Mule26.7 Internal Mule Encodings
encodings, Mule26.6 Encodings
encodings, Mule character sets and26. Multilingual Support
Energize3.3 Lucid Emacs
Epoch3.2 Epoch
Epoch3.3 Lucid Emacs
Epoch3.6 XEmacs
error checking11.10 Debugging and Testing
error trapping22.5 Error Trapping
EUC (Extended Unix Code), Japanese26.6.1 Japanese EUC (Extended Unix Code)
evaluation22.1 Evaluation
evaluation; stack frames; bindings22. Evaluation; Stack Frames; Bindings
event gathering mechanism, specifics of the36.3 Specifics of the Event Gathering Mechanism
event loop functions, other36.7 Other Event Loop Functions
event loop, events and the36. Events and the Event Loop
event queues36.5 Event Queues
event stream callback routines36.6 Event Stream Callback Routines
event, specifics about the Lisp object36.4 Specifics About the Emacs Event
events and the event loop36. Events and the Event Loop
events, converting36.9 Converting Events
events, introduction to36.1 Introduction to Events
events, main loop36.2 Main Loop
events; the command builder, dispatching36.10 Dispatching Events; The Command Builder
everything should obey duplicable extents, future work43.12.1 Future Work – Everything should obey duplicable extents
exiting37.5 Exiting
exits, expected and unexpected37.5 Exiting
expected exits37.5 Exiting
Extbyte26.10.1 Character-Related Data Types
Extended Unix Code, Japanese EUC26.6.1 Japanese EUC (Extended Unix Code)
extent fragments31.6 Extent Fragments
extent info, format of the31.3 Format of the Extent Info
extent mathematics31.5 Mathematics of Extent Ordering
extent ordering31.2 Extent Ordering
extent ordering31.5 Mathematics of Extent Ordering
extents31. Extents
extents, display order31.5 Mathematics of Extent Ordering
extents, future work43.12 Future Work – Extents
extents, introduction to31.1 Introduction to Extents
extents, markers and24.3 Markers and Extents
extents, zero-length31.4 Zero-Length Extents
external data, conversion to and from26.10.3 Conversion to and from External Data
external widget41.2 Modules for Interfacing with X Windows

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